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Capital Courts Training Center is the only facility of its kind in Canada! It is the only place where you can book an appointment and walk away with more information about your personal basketball skills in one hour than in your entire career! We are confident that we can meet your skill development needs and take you to another level of excellence. Our attention to detail has made us the premier skill provider in the country.

Capital Courts founder Merrick Palmer has played collegiately and professionally and has won championships and numerous awards on both levels. Since 2007, he has been conducting basketball schools and clinics in the nation’s capital under the “Merrick Palmer Basketball School” banner. In 2011, he opened Capital Courts as the demand for his personal training service grew exponentially.

Capital Courts is the #1 year-round training ground for elementary, high school, college and professional players alike. We take pride in the idea that our clients are our walking billboards. We are a results-based company and we guarantee that we can give you the tools to compete at your highest level.


The goal of our basketball program is to strategically improve the caliber of play of the new generation Canadian basketball player. Many Canadian minor basketball leagues have a heavy emphasis on games and not enough on the technical aspects of the sport. This deficiency is a direct result of the shortage of experienced coaches specifically at the Novice, Atom and Bantam levels. It is only when our kids attempt to move forward from the competitive to the more elite programs (where most experienced coaches congregate) that they realize that they are technically deficient.
We believe that basketball takes approximately 20 years to master. A major part of mastering basketball, or any sport for that matter, is to consistently combine sound fundamentals with creativity. The quicker we can correctly teach the technical components of the game, the quicker our kids can begin to add their own flare to their games.

At age 15, most Canadian basketball players have only dabbled in the sport and are in or en route to high school. Kids in America and Europe at this age have already honed their technical skills and are aggressively trying to elevate their game to a very high level. Physically and mentally Canadian kids are no different from their European and American counterparts. Where we falter is when minor league coaches focus on strategies of winning the game. The emphasis on winning is very dangerous to our young players, as they will know more about zones and traps than sound fundamentals. At Capital Courts there is a heavy emphasis on learning the subtle nuances of becoming a dominant offensive player. What about defense you ask? In basketball, defense is the easiest thing for a player to learn. With enough determination, heart and a few basic fundamentals, a youngster can become a solid defensive player. On the other hand, it can take years for a player to develop into a great scorer. Minor basketball programs in Canada continue to overlook the importance of developing young scorers and are stumped why the caliber of Canadian players is sub par. If we can somehow begin to stress offensive proficiency shortly after acquiring basic basketball fundamentals, we believe that young Canadian basketball players can catch up and eventually surpass our friends down south and overseas.