Canada's Top Basketball instruction facility


Capital Courts Boys Prep is a program that prepares male athletes that are transitioning from high school to post-secondary institutions. Athletes will be placed on a personalized training regimen designed to improve basketball skills and strength and movement deficiencies. Athletes will train 5 days a week, 4 hours each day, for approximately 10 months. Capital Courts owner Merrick Palmer and Capital Athletic Performance owner Ismail Chbihi (R Kin) will oversee and deliver the program. Players will play on a local affiliated U19 elite team to gain quality game experience and game footage for scouting purposes.

Note: The program only has room for five athletes therefore the threshold to gain acceptance in CCBP is rather high. Requirements:

  • Athletes must have completed high school or in the process of upgrading no more than four credits to gain acceptance into college or university (special situations my be considered).
  • Players must be willing to move or commute to Ottawa
  • Completed online registration form (given upon request)

Capital Athletic Performance Training:

  • General health and movement baseline assessments
  • Weekly 1 on 1 training sessions
  • Personalized take-home program
  • Holistic approach for injury prevention to maximize athletic performance

Capital Courts Training

  • Daily 1 on 1 technical training
  • Daily access to CCTC during off-peak hours
  • Video analysis of game film
  • Ongoing assessments to ensure athlete is prepared mentally and physically for the next level of play
  • Assistance with contacting university and college programs


Capital Courts Training Centre has been instrumental in the training and development of many young female athletes in the Ottawa region and surrounding communities. To enable the continued progress and growth of this specific group of athletes, Capital Courts is taking the next step with the opening of Capital Courts Academy hosted at Cairine Wilson Secondary School in Orleans, Ontario.

Starting in August 2017, the Academy is set to provide student-athletes with a one-stop training environment on par with the top preparatory programs in North America. Twelve female athletes will have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive high-level program that will support both academic and basketball goals. We have been welcomed into Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association and we believe that we have the right developmental resources to bolster what is already considered the top high school league in the country.

We will be rolling out an initiative to ensure there is maximum community involvement in the Academy. We plan on working closely with the Cairine Wilson student body, local clubs, provincial/national and international basketball organizations to bring a new level of excitement to the national capital region.

Capital Courts Academy Staff:

Merrick Palmer (Director of Basketball Operations)

Fabienne Blizzard (Head Coach)

Awo Farah (Assistant Coach)

Murray Shoup (Assistant Coach)

Capital Courts Training Centre Staff (Basketball Skill Instructors)

Ismail Chbihi (Strength/Movement and Nutrition)

Chris Rose (Mental Consultant)