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Program Details

Personal Training

Capital Courts is the only private basketball training center offering personal basketball training to the general public in the city of Ottawa.  If you are a beginner or a pro, our team of professional trainers can strengthen weaknesses and refine talents, resulting in a highly skilled, well-rounded basketball player.  Many coaches work on fundamentals as much as possible during a team practice but they may not have the time to break a player’s game down into its smaller components or work on creativity. 1 on 1 training is the quickest and most comprehensive path to perfecting skills that will be instrumental in the success of a basketball player.

Sessions are 1 hour in length and can cover a range of areas depending on the player’s needs. There are no pre-consultations required. We begin training players immediately and can quickly assess strengths and deficiencies using a series of unique skill-assessment exercises.

U10 Personal Training

Almost on a weekly basis we have conversations with new parents about giving young kids the best possible training when they’re young.  Look no further at all the young golfers that are able to compete against seasoned veterans.  The common theme of young sports stars is that they all had highly skilled trainers or high-level parents working with them in the early years.  Tiger Woods, Venus Williams and Kobe Bryant just to name a few, have made tremendous strides because of early technical training.

When you send your child to piano lessons, the instructor has most likely spent 15-20 years perfecting their craft.  Why not give your child the best possible start rather than sending them to basketball camps that are more social than technical.  The money spent on a week of camp with 60-100 kids is will do very little for your child’s basketball development as opposed to even one hour of personal training at Capital Courts. This is our personal guarantee to you!

Capital Courts Girls Academy

Capital Courts Academy is a prep program that prepares athletes that are transitioning from high school to post-secondary institutions. Athletes attend Cairine Wilson Secondary School in Orleans ON and receive high-level training throughout the year.


Training Pods

Capital Courts Training Pods are a great way to test a player’s skills against other players in a highly structured setting. Pods are made up of 12-14 players that train in a 2-hour block. Sessions cover shooting, ball handling, finishing moves, 1 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 play. The sessions are very intense and are a great way to get or stay in game shape. Pods are conducted during the Christmas break, March Break and late August.

Capital Courts Summer Development Team

The Capital Courts Summer Development Team allows players to continue to focus on the technical skills of our young female athletes under the Capital Courts umbrella. This post season summer program will focus on growing the athletes technical skills; showing the athletes how to train in post season and continue to build confidence in their game in a team setting. The program will consist of outdoor hill training, two practices per week and only two tournaments. The post season requires our young athletes to also take a break from competition and allow their bodies to recover from the physicality of the season.


Our camps are not like the typical camp that merely gives kids a few pointers that they can take with them and rely heavily on the social aspects of a camp.  Not only will they get the chance to socialize and meet new friends, Capital Courts March Break and Summer Camps will provide players with the tools they need to get themselves to the next level.  Unlike other camps, we have a maximum number of participants in order to provide the best possible ratio for instruction.  This is not a cash grab to get as many kids into the gym like other mass camps! We care deeply that players develop during the time they spend with us. Our reputation for quality instruction is paramount to our company so we do everything in our control to ensure everyone has gained as much knowledge and repetitions for the duration of the camp.

All of our camp councilors are former or current Capital Courts clients or staff to ensure that real-time corrections are in-line with our day-to-day training methods.

Group Training

If you are looking to partner up with friends, teammates or siblings for group sessions, we got you! Be mindful that the more people in a training session, the less attention each player may receive for corrective coaching (fixing flaws). Group training works best when all the players are at a similar skill level.